100% Ready

I am already feeling 100% full of anticipation for my first UK optical show. I will be flying halfway around the world to admire eyewear and explore new trends in vision care at 100% Optical, April 23rd -25th, 2022 in London

A live optical show has such a palpable energy, and after two years (and a few additional unanticipated months) of planning, this year’s event schedule is plentiful. The focus is all about eyes and the eyewear that frames them.  Showcased everywhere from the Catwalks to cataract seminars, some of the most renowned speakers from across the UK and around the world are scheduled to share their passion and wealth of knowledge. The true jewel of the event is all the new eyewear styles that will be on display. Many designers and brands will be new to me as some of the collections may have little to no Canadian representation. After perusing the vendor list I am most excited to see the following eyewear collections and accessories (just to name a few).

Nathalie Blanc Paris

This collection is steeped in influence from my favorite era of eyewear, the 70’s. A trend that is taking hold for 2022, as the shapes are gaining mainstream patient adoption. The frames invoke an attitude of opulence and I have my eyes on the  oversized beveled rimless sunglasses that are sure to turn heads.

COTI Vision

This collection is steeped in influence from my favorite era of eyewear, the 70’s. A trend that is taking hold for 2022, as the shapes are gaining mainstream patient adoption. The frames invoke an attitude of opulence and I have my eyes on the  oversized beveled rimless sunglasses that are sure to turn heads.


The way in which Lamarca pieces and fuses together acetate to create their signature frame designs is always impressive. I can always spot a LAMARCA frame from those unique characteristics. Eye Catching colorful eyewear is prevailing as a signature trend for Spring/Summer 2022 as eyeglass wearers are looking to draw attention on Zoom calls and express more personality through the exposed bits of their face. 

As I eagerly prepare myself for a new experience in an industry I find so familiar, a growing list of questions is compiling in my head…

How does the optical industry differ in the UK? And what are the distinct characteristics?

What are the biggest trends in eyewear in the UK? 

Is the role of an Optician in the UK the same as in Canada? 

Armed with these questions and many more I am collaborating with 100% Optical to find the answers and share the experience live at the event by way of my social media and my blog OpticianAboutTown.com. 

The #EyeStyle featured in article is heart shaped union jack sunglasses by Tom Davies

Tom Davies frames are made in his factory in London. Click the frame to watch how they are made.

Vision Expo+ East 2021, Virtually there

Free Registration link to follow below

Life has felt like it’s been standing still, suspended in a strange state of limbo, over the last 14 months since COVID restrictions took effect. Without the ability to travel, my feet have been firmly planted in my optical shop, while my passport collects dust. It has been easier to accept because all of us are going through it together, longing for the industry events we enjoy every year. Vision Expo East and West, are events which I have been attending religiously for the past 6 years. After I attended my first Vision Expo I was hooked. I was like a kid in a candy store (where calories don’t count), not only had I never seen so much eyewear in one place, I was surrounded by the best and brightest minds in the eyecare industry. Vision Expo has come to be an event that lights a fire in me, and being with so many like minded Optical peers, envelopes me in a bubble of enthusiasm for 3 days that results in me being a better Optician and business owner for months to come.

While these events had been postponed due to the pandemic, I could continue to mark my calendar and let my excitement grow. Vision Expo East 2021 was announced, June 2-5 in a new city and venue, Orlando, Florida. I could finally focus on a return to the event I consider a jumpstart of excitement for the new season in optical each time I attend.

Then reality hit, and all the excitement and anticipation for my return to Vision Expo East 2021 turned into a big case of FOMO, because international travel restrictions are still in effect and as a Canadian I can’t attend in person (without mandatory 14 day quarantine, which doesn’t work for a small business owner such as myself). 

But Vision Expo and The Vision Council is not going to let those of us who are unable, or understandably unready to travel, miss out on the experience of Vision Expo that we have all come to know and love.

Enter VisionExpo+, a free digital extension of the live in person event taking place in Orlando. From June 3-5 through the online platform ShopVISION registrants can participate simultaneously with the live events taking place at Vision Expo. All the events taking place at SEEN, a dynamic new main stage designed for collaborative learning will be simulcast LIVE on the shopVISION platform. This includes the massively insightful EYE2EYE series panels and discussions. I’ve marked my calendar Thursday, June 3 from 12-12:45pm EST (9am-9:45am PST), to watch liveBuilding a More Inclusive Work Environment“.  Moderated by the always fabulous Dr. Danielle Richardson. This panel will discuss diversity, equity and inclusion principles that can be utilized in any organization, regardless of how big or small your team is. A couple hours later I will be front and center at my computer screen at 4:30-5:30pm EST (1:30-2:30 PST), cheering on the remarkable Dr. Diana Canto-Sims, Optometrist and eyewear designer at La Vida eyewear, who will be moderating Removing Barriers Between You and Your Multicultural Patients”. The panel discussion will focus on exploring how to provide high quality care for a diverse population of patients and most importantly how to integrate cultural competencies in your approach to patient interactions. 

Then on Friday from from 2:30-4:30pm EST (11:30pm-1:30pm PST), I will be listening and learning more about the results of The Vision Council’s 2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Report during a panel titled, “Opening Your Eyes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Review of The Vision Council’s DE&I Initiatives and 2020 Survey Results.” The results of the survey and discussion by this diverse panel of industry leaders will offer insight on the balance and direction of our industries’ inclusiveness. 

The best part is if these times conflict with your availability, for the first time ever, you won’t miss out, because the recorded sessions will be available to view on ShopVISION platform starting Monday, June 7th. 

What is notably my favorite part of Vision Expo is seeing and selecting the newest frame styles to bring into my Optical shop, and this will also all be made possible through the ShopVISION marketplace virtual platform. You can source and stumble across new brands, just as you would walking the show floor. Search options results can be delivered by completing a quick questionnaire during registration and filling out each section of your profile will have you matched with the products you’re looking for. You can also browse by category, by brands or check out what’s trending to see what is exciting other attendee’s. 

Through the ShopVISION platform you can build relationships and chat with suppliers 24/7 via the messaging option and schedule meetings on your calendar. I think this is great because you can ask anything! I suggest writing a list of your top 5 questions to ask a new supplier. Save it on your notepad so you can easily copy and paste in the chat option when you come across a supplier you are interested in. I feel this year I am actually going to be able to connect with more vendors this way because I won’t be so tight on time. 

Lastly don’t forget to follow to engage with fellow attendee’s and share what you’ve found on social media by tagging @vision.expo @thevisioncouncil  #VisionExpo

For FREE registration the VISION EXPO+ click the link:  http://bit.ly/RegisterShopVISIONSheena

Much to do about Missoni

Designer eyewear is usually the first introduction we have to a namesake fashion brand. How connected an optical collection is to the identity or heritage of the label varies. From deeply connected to completely void of brand characteristics, creating styles that are disconnected, showing nothing more than the brand name emblazoned across the temple to identify the brand it represents.

As a purveyor and optical curator of independent eyewear, my standards for designer frames are high. I expect the same quality craftsmanship, unique details and silhouettes, as well as a strong marriage to the brand that can be seen, sans name on the frame, even if it is naturally there.

With these stringent standards in mind I cannot contain my excitement for a new fashion house collection of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses that is as best a representation of the name it carries as any I have some across.

So let me share with you this FIRST LOOK at the new Missoni collection by Safilo.

To best appreciate how well executed and artistically created this optical collection is, let me start by introducing you to the house of Missoni.

Missoni is an Italian luxury fashion house based in Varese, and known for its colorful knitwear designs. The signature Zig Zag motif, is an angular geometric design signature of the label. The abstract visual gives way only to the unabashfull use of color to create the overall textile. 

Missoni MIS 0015/S in color LKS08

What instantly sets these sunglasses apart is the lenses. As an Optician I have a deep appreciation for the important role lenses play in the overall style story of any eyewear, and I have no doubt after seeing these, you will too. Rx lens wearers are going to need to wear contact lenses, because changing the lenses in these sunglasses might just be a sin.

The actual lenses have engraved geometric, linear lines. Creating a tiny dimensional prism shape, that emerges from the lens surface, a connection to the Missoni Zig Zag pattern. The gradient tint of the lens has an ombre effect from dark at the top browline of the frame, to nearly clear along the lower part of the lens. If you look closely, along the sheer portion of the lens is a frosted Missoni signature that follows the curve of the lower frame. 

While you might think that the frame would be second to the focal point of the engraved lenses, that couldn’t be further from reality. No part of this frame has gone without an artistically designed detail to connect it to Missoni’s heritage. 

Let’s begin with the frame shape, at first glance an aviator, but without the sag, meaning the longest vertical depth is centered in the lens. A more flattering aviator shape, one that is easier to wear on different face shapes and sizes, and won’t create the illusion of pulling your face down.

The soft curve of the narrow bridge has adjustable nose pads, that have long prongs, and while that might not mean a lot, it will allow for great fitting that will prevent the sunglass from touching your cheeks. Of course any aviator would not be complete without a brow bar, in this case featuring T brackets, rather than a straight connection to the frame.

When we get to the profile take a closer look, I say this because full disclosure I wore this frame from a week before noticing that the rose gold frame was actually parallel tracks, encasing a cobalt blue enamel channel around each lens. The shiny rose gold temple has a kinked angle, another example of how the Missoni Zig Zag motif is showcased in different forms throughout the frame. Along the temple a sheer acetate meets the mental in the middle, almost like a stocking, exposing the rose gold temple beneath and revealing another embossed gold Missoni logo.

It seems only fitting to end this FIRST LOOK at a frame so beautifully and thoughtfully connected to the fashion house it represents with the last little detail on these sunglasses that says so much, with so little. Just the tip of the temple wrapped in the signature Missoni Zig Zag motif. A flourish of color that will catch your eye and peak your interest in what’s more to come from this collection.


Vision Expo West 2019 was the last Vision Expo that I attended. So it’s serendipitous that my first flight, and first days away from home and my optical shop in 595 days, is to Vision Expo West.

I have been loyally taking the pilgrimage to Vision Expo West for as long as I can remember, because I feel it offers insights into what is next in eyewear and eyecare, which is an  integral part of my development and evolution as an Optician and as an independent practice owner. Each time I attend I am reinvigorated by the experience and return with a better outlook on what comes next. Naturally after 18 months of conducting business during a pandemic I need a little change of scenery and a restorative trip to VEW is just what the doctor ordered. 

The things I have been missing most over the past 18 months are the very things that Vision Expo always delivers in spades.

Connecting with peers

You’ve probably shared (or vented) your challenges and struggles being an eyecare professional during a pandemic. Social distancing and working from home doesn’t really mesh in our line of work. But do those you confide in actually relate? You better believe that no matter your role in the optical industry you are going to find lots of people at Vision Expo West that are right there with you.

Connection event on my agenda: OWA Connection Series Luncheon Thursday September 23rd 11:30am -1:30pm
EyeStyle Influences Brunch Friday September 24th 11:00am

Learning Business Tips from the Best

Vision Expo offers the opportunity to get inspired and learn from titans of industry, and not only in eyecare. It never fails that I leave Vision Expo feeling inspired. I always return to my Optical with tangible tactics to improve my skills as an Optician and grow my business with new exciting products.

Educational events on my agenda: Eyes On The Prize: Revolutionizing How You View AR Eyewear Virtual Try On – Presented by Perfect Corp @Innovation Stage Presentation Friday, Sep 24th  9:45 AM – 10:15 AM
EYE2EYE Series: Art of the Collab @The Seen Thurs, Sep 23rd 3:45 PM-4:15 PM

Hands on Selections

Seeing so many frames in one place has enormous value, and not simply for convenience. By viewing collections one after the other in just a few days, Vision Expo is the venue in which I have been able to identify upcoming trends. The colors, materials, shapes and styles that are likely to become a mainstream staple in the next 12-24 months. How I choose glasses for the shop has changed a lot during the pandemic. I have been much more conservative with inventory, stuck with vendors I have pre-existing relationships with, done more re-orders and purchased frames sight unseen, which I didn’t previously do. I am looking forward to returning to a hands-on selection that cannot be duplicated.

Frame selection events on my agenda: Appointments with Article One, Andy Wolf, Morel, Etnia Barcelona, OGI and Masunaga (so far)

I am hyper aware that we are still operating in a pandemic and I did plenty of research prior to making my trip arrangements. What I learned about the safeguards in place both at the venue of Vision Expo West and in the state of Nevada left me feeling secure about my decision to attend. 

Nevada has a statewide mask mandate for all interior spaces. Regardless of vaccination status all attendees will be required to wear a mask.
The Vision Expo show floor is an expansive location. Equal to the size of multiple football fields. This year the layout has been adjusted and exhibitors have capacity rules in place to ensure booths don’t get overcrowded. * This year more than ever before it is important to plan ahead and make appointments
Sanitizing and cleaning will be a focus by Vision Expo and vendors to ensure that attendee’s can touch and try on frames.

There is still time to book your flights and hotel and join me at VEW! 

Vision Expo West will commence on September 22rd and runs through Saturday September 25th, both in person and Virtually through VisionExpo+ and ShopVISION.

Shielding Yourself From The Elements

The resurgence of shield style sunglasses is coming on strong. Full disclosure, when I saw shield sunglasses start to sneak into eyewear collections I was not initially prepared to re-accept the trend. It was a popular style nearly a decade ago when I started in the optical in and my first association is more Real Housewives of OC than fashion eyecessory must have. 

What is a shield sunglass? Simply put a pair of sunglasses that has a single lens forming the entire frame front. One fused lens piece made of plastic or polycarbonate that creates the frame shape and overall design of the sunglasses. 

There is always a pair of glasses that changes my mind and opens me up to adopting a new style into my collection. When it comes to embracing shield sunglasses it was the introduction to the limited edition capsule collection between Andy Wolf and PinqPonq that made me see shield sunglasses differently. 

But isn’t that why collaboration is so wonderful?!

Innovations we haven’t seen before are born when two brands come together to influence one another, conceiving something that represents them both, while creating something new. Andy Wolf and PinqPonq came together on their shared values of unique product design, high quality standards and a responsibility for the people and the environment in production. Thus the limited edition Andy Wolf and PinqPonq capsule collection was designed.

PinqPonq, is a German brand known for intelligently designed bags and accessories. PinqPonq distills the design of their bags into the cleanest function based fashion. Innovative in the utilitarian insides, simplistic outsides and 100% certified sustainable fabrication. The collaboration between Andy Wolf and PinqPonq has resulted in a first for Andy Wolf, a sportier aesthetic in two shapes of shield style sunglasses. 

Both the PINQ and PONQ sunglasses have a curved, single Zeiss lens that forms the entire frame front. It appears to be floating, mounted on an invisible metal base, connected to the back of the lens. A dark, solid “Polished Black” or lightly, flash mirrored and gradient brown “Tonal Khaki” lens creates the overall frame shape. 

Each style of sunglasses are colour co-ordinated and carried by PinqPonq bag. “BOKS” is a bag with purpose; a fanny pack consisting of three components: one bag for the glasses, one for personal belongings and a matching belt. They can be worn together or individually.  

When these designers fuse together the identity of each brand, the result is special pieces that integrate flawlessly into a modern urban wardrobe. A unisex sunglass that adapts from the ski slop to the streets, offering an unappologetic futuristic frame style. 

*Optician Option; I can’t help but fear the disappointment an avid eyeglasses wearer will feel when they find out that making a pair of shield sunglasses in a prescription simply isn’t an option (in 99% of cases). So you will definitely have to pop in your contacts to truly enjoy this eyestyle

Tortoiseshell & Turquoise

There are some things that fit together so perfectly. 

It could be an unexpected pairing that just works, like kettle corn, salty and sweet or one thing that you cannot think of without the other, fall and pumpkin spice.

When I started working as an Optician nearly a decade ago, tortoiseshell frames with pops of turquoise were a popular color combination. Something that could have very well been a trend “du moment”, has instead withstood the test of time. Tortoiseshell and shades of turquoise, aqua and teal are a perfect pairing and an enduring color combination that is ever present and on trend season after season in eyewear.  The rich, neutral pattern of tortoise has depth and dimension, while the addition of teal or turquoise adds a colorful pop and visual interest.

Somethings also fit together perfectly in the physical sense. These cats eye frames by LAMARCA are a stunning example of that. A manufacturing marvel, the crisp lines between the different acetates in the Fusioni 68 are created by treating the frame like a puzzle.

The LAMARCA “Fusioni” frame collection is made using a complex and timely process.  Each piece of acetate is precisely pieced and bonded together with extreme care. Once the pieces have set the frame is shaped into the final product.  

My eye was immediately caught by this striking, large cats eye. The angular lines of this frame are perfectly offset with the soft swoop of the bridge, giving the frame a dramatic lift to enhance facial features. 

The “Fusioni 68” is comprised of four different types of acetate.

Semi translucent turquoise, with a geometric pattern and soft sparkle

A rich, dense, creamy acetate

Deep mahogany spots of tortoise pattern in a base of turquoise

Brown, amber with the occasional speckle of teal in the tortoiseshell of the temples

Combined together, all without being the least bit busy or overwhelming on the face of the wearer.

As fall beckons a wardrobe shift into neutral hues and darker colors, the “Fusioni 68”  frame compliments the pallet, adding a pop of color, while matching the earthy tones through the tortoiseshell.  The buttons on this trench coat, also tortoiseshell, inspired the choice of eyewear for my #eyestyleOOTD. With the creamy, khaki color of this classic trench coat, not too heavy in weight, a timeless wardrobe staple, created the perfect canvas for my glasses to take focus and resist the early fall chill in the air.   

Trench coat by H&M Sold Out (Similar Styles from: Mango & London Fog )

Leopard Boots by ASOS

Mirroring Last Summer

Summertime always means I get to bring out my favorite denim shorts, sandals and sundresses. While I always find myself adding new sunglasses in preparation for the sunny season (any excuse right?!) for the second summer in a row I have had a staple pair of sunglasses in my eyeglass wardrobe, always in heavy rotation. These sunglasses have so many visual layers to them and are such a fabulous classic shape, that I have no doubt I will still be wearing next year as well. 

Round sunglasses are a must have eyeglass shape. I know I’ve said it before, but I have a saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs”, meaning you have to be ready to try on lots of different round frames to find the one that suits you best. Yet when you find the perfect pair, you’ll be convinced! Round sunglasses are never a bad investment, while the shape might make a bigger splash some seasons more than others, it’s a frame design that never goes out of style.

The VENDOME by Etnia Barcelona is a pretty round shape made in metal with adjustable nosepads. Clean and simple, with a bridge design set a little lower than the average round frame, which is good because it prevents the illusion of the “saggy face” that some high bridge round frames cause.

The visual layers of this frame come from all the different colors and textures that it holds. At first you might only notice the flamingo pink mirrored lenses, but the actual frame deserves a closer look. The overall physique of the sunglasses is finished in brushed gold, a soft shade that has a rosy hue. Visible only on the temples, bridge and interior of the frame because the lens surround is painted in a soft shade of baby blue. I think it’s an unexpected color match with the vivid pink of the lenses, but one that is very pleasing.

Full disclosure, I am a girly girl and I simply could not resist these pink sunglasses. The mirrored lenses is what makes these frames impossible to ignore and so magnificent. Wearing these sunglasses you will see flawlessly through Barberini mineral crystal glass lenses, the Rolls Royce of glass sun lenses. These ones are even photochromatic, so they go from a tinted lens to a darker tint in bright sun. From the outside looking in these sunglasses are so eye catching. The unique color of Flamingo pink on the mirror coating is one that is unique to Etnia Barcelona. It’s a bright, iridescent and playful color that matches well with bright colors or neutrals. 

To put together a perfect summer #eyestyleOOTD I decided to let the bold pink mirror of the sunglasses shine and wore them with a chambray denim jumpsuit by Forever21. The light denim was a perfect match to the light blue color of the lens surround.  I kept the sunglasses the focal point by keeping my accessories in pallet of natural tones with lots of texture to balance the plain chambray of the jumpsuit. Playing off the round shape of the glasses I picked a round, rope finished purse by Zara.

The mirrored sunglass trend shows no sign of slowing down and if you don’t have a pair or two (or three or four) in your collection your missing out on a great eyestyle.

Finding My Balance

I have always prided myself on being very organized. Keeping my house in order, both literally and metaphorically. But as life gets busier and my list of commitments gets longer, it’s the self care that is usually the first to fall by the wayside.

This year I made a pledge to myself to make time to focus on strength. Being stronger physically, but also mentally when evaluating what serves me best. But as the year reached the halfway point, I felt my commitment was also waning.

“I’m too busy” was too often slipping from my lips.

Just when summer was starting and the pull of the sunshine was calling me outdoors, I realized my schedule was about to be busier than ever. 

Running and independent optical shop I have to be present. Sometimes in life there is just a perfect storm of less staff, more commitments, to do’s and due dates. 

I was feeling underwater, It was definitely a time were it was appropriate to say “I’m too busy”, my work schedule was ruling my world.

It forced me to think, How can I gain control and stop feeling powerless?

Surprisingly enough that control came from adding something else to my to do list. ME.

First before anything else. I can’t be my best self unless I am taking care of myself. Funny that it seems so simple, but the impact, however cliche  this sounds, was life changing.
With the encouragement of a good friend I decided to join her at Barre fitness. Every morning, before I gave my time or energy to anyone or anything else, I gave it to myself.

It proved to be exactly what I needed to find my balance.

Balance with a side of butt kicking! 

Barre is hard. Your muscles (some I didn’t know existed) are screaming and shaking. While I pushed to have my body get stronger, the affirmation from the Instructors would strengthen me mentally, something I wasn’t expecting.

“You have given yourself this time, because you are worth it” simple words I never believed from myself. It became so much more than a workout class, strength in sweat with a group of ladies all working as hard as I was.

This week marks my 9th of being a Barre believer! 5 days a week starting my day by focusing on myself and discovering that it really is the least selfish thing to do!

Picking the Perfect Summer EyeStyle

How to pick the perfect pair of summer sunglasses

Summer is here and there is no better excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses. Purchasing a new pair of sunglasses can be really exciting. With so many different EyeStyles to choose from, focusing on the overall look and frame style usually dominates the decision. Even though my passion is EyeStyle and I believe that everyone requires an eyeglass wardrobe to suit many different outfits and situations, I am still an Optician at heart and in practice so I can’t ignore the import features that your sunglasses need to have in order to properly protect your eyes. 

So whether you’re headed to the mall (cringe) or your local independent eye care professional (gold star) to find your signature summer EyeStyle, these are the things you need to know. 

A visit to your optometrist or ophthalmologist is your first step to a superior pair of sunglasses. It could be just the reason to have that eye exam you’ve been putting off. Your vision through any new pair of sunglasses is only as precise as your prescription. Making a pair of sunglasses using an outdated prescription can lead to unclear vision or discomfort in your new sunglasses. If your eye doctor determines you don’t require a corrective prescription, you’ll simply need what is called “plano” or non prescription sunglasses. 

While choosing a new frame is typically the most time consuming element of getting new sunglasses, discussing what activities you are doing in your sunglasses is just as important.  Will you be driving, lounging on the beach, golfing, fishing, or engaging in more active sports? 

One pair of sunglasses isn’t going to be perfect for every activity but it’s  important to have a conversation with your optician about all the activities you plan to do in your sunglasses. That way your eyecare professional can best match the lens style, color, and frame style to match your needs.  

Eyewear is the first thing most people will notice about you, and it says a lot about who you are. EyeStyle is a way to express your personality and show off your personal style. Are you sporty or an artist? Do you like a vintage vibes or a futuristic feel? Beyond just the aesthetic you want to portray, it is also important to consider your lifestyle. If your more you active and like spending your days hiking, paddle boarding or biking you need a sportier more resilient frame. If your looking to lounge by the pool or spend sunny days on a patio sipping rose, a larger more glamorous frame that offers maximum coverage is chic and practical in protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from wrinkles. 

Coco & Breezy “AMAZONIAN” in assorted colors

Sunglass frames should be larger than clear glasses, one of the rare times I will condone your eyewear coming up to or over the brow line or eyebrows and extending closer to your cheeks. This will ensure both overhead light and light reflected off the ground will be blocked. 

While there are suggestions for the best pairing of sunglass shape and face shape, there are no steadfast “rules” (sometimes breaking rules is fun). But you can consider these guidelines, as long as you still have fun and try on things outside your comfort zone.

Round face shapes are best complimented by a square frame shape. Oblong or oval faces are best suited by more rectangular shapes, while angular or square face shapes are best suited in something with softer edges such as round or oval or cat-eye. 

Don’t overlook the color options for sunglasses too. Colored frames can highlight and brighten skin tone and eye color. Once you have narrowed down your frame options, I recommend going with whichever frame offers an optimal fit and comfort without sacrificing your personal EyeStyle.

While often an afterthought, lenses are by far the most important part of a pair of sunglasses, and there are many options available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but I’m here to help! Apologies if I get a little technical here, but read on, you will finish better equipped to choose the sunglasses best suited to your needs. 

Article One “POPLAR” and “MARL” Sun in assorted colors

Tinted or Polarized Lenses?
Tinted lenses are lenses that are dipped into tint and the color is absorbed into the plastic material of the lenses. Tinted lenses can be customized to suit your needs in a rainbow of colors and can be tinted in your choice of saturation, from 10% to 90%. Often times wearers want the darkest sunglass lenses they can get, but it is very important to consider that when wearing a 90% tint only 10% of light is reaching your eyes, making it very difficult to see in anything other than direct bright sunlight. The most common and safest tint for a range of activities is 85%.  Tinted lenses can also be done in a gradient tint or what is often referred to as a fashion tint. This type of tint is darkest at the top of the lens and becomes lighter towards the bottom of the lens. It can be helpful for wearers that have a hard time reading in sunglasses, as the tint is lightest in the area you read through. 

Polarized sunglasses offer premium protection from UV light and provide you with crisper, more vivid color perception. Polarized lenses reduce glare by blocking light that would typically enter your eyes after reflecting off a surface. They are uniquely created with a thin coating over the surface of the lens, and provide the best visual performance and clarity during outdoor activities. In particular, they allow you to see through the surface of water, which is especially beneficial for fishing or water sports. 

Article One “CARR” in Light Gold

Both tinted and polarized lenses can be treated with mirror coatings. These coatings come in a dozen different colors and they actually help to reflect light off the surface of the lens. Not to mention, they add to the overall EyeStyle of your sunglasses. 

Something you probably haven’t considered but should never skip is on sunglass lenses is a back surface anti-reflective coating. It ensures the highest level of UVA and UVB (and in some cases blue light protection) and blocks glare and reflection from both light entering from the front or reflecting off the back surface of the lens to prevent light from flashing into the wearers eyes.

Article One ” MARION” in Jade Marble

Now that you’ve found your perfect sunglasses, whether they be off the shelf or custom made with your prescription it’s important before you leave the store to have your new sunglasses adjusted to perfectly fit your face. Very rarely do you put on a pair of sunglasses and have them sit perfectly straight and tight enough to not have to push them up your nose every 5 seconds (trust me I see you). Much like a custom suit or dress, a few minor alterations are typically necessary to ensure your sunglasses are fitting you perfectly. This is why you are wise to skip the online eyeglass shopping or buying them from the clothing store at the mall, because you’ll miss out on this essential step. 

Now you are well informed and ready to find your perfect pair of sunglasses for the sunshine season. 

If your curious about the top sunglasses frame trends for 2019 be sure to click the -follow- link and you’ll get my OpticianAboutTown summer sunglasses style post in your inbox!

Upper East Side Luxury EyeStyle

When I think of the upper east side of New York I think classy and expensive living. Beautiful brownstone townhouses with elaborately carved staircases, lining streets adjacent to Central Park. Richness and high brow standards of style and living. On a sunny spring afternoon I took a stroll along the streets that flank Central Park West and it proved the perfect backdrop to showcase the opulence of the Spring/Summer Derek Lam sunglasses by Modo Eyewear.

I have always thought of eyewear as a piece of jewelry, Derek Lam has further proven with his latest collection that you deserve eyewear made only from the finest materials. He is known in the fashion world for creating luxury products with modern sensibility, with calculated design simplicity and thoughtful detailing. In his spring/summer 2019 collection of eyewear, Derek Lam has created “A reinvention of American codes”. Classic round eyewear silhouettes from the 1970’s, exaggerated, over sized and round. The ultimate luxury indulgence,  18K gold frames outfitted with coordinated gradient sun colored lenses.

The focus is on luxury materials. The 18K gold collection is artfully designed to be the frame that you will have in your collection for decades. Like a simple gold bracelet that you can wear with anything, in any mood, any decade, at any age. And if 18K gold isn’t lux enough, Derek Lam has accented the frames in the collection with leather wrapped temples and some with fully leather wrapped eyewire rims. These frames are thoughtfully designed in styles that are unisex and transcend age and EyeStyle.

The SALMA embraces a bold 70’s round shape with a mid-line metal frame design. Clean lines around the frame front and a minimal temple design is accented only by a genuine leather wrap accent. The sunglasses have tone-light gradient lenses, sheer enough to wear indoors. And what is more glamorous than being too posh to take your sunglasses off inside.