Born and raised on the beautiful west coast of BC, one could say I was born with optical genes. A child of two opticians it was only after jobs in the beauty industry and a career as a financial adviser did I step into the role I was bred to become.

Since coming into the family business I have used my passion for fashion, beauty and design to update our family business of over 25 years. A top to bottom redesign created the space to actualize a continually evolving collection of carefully curated eyeglasses.

I have the daily pleasure of opening the eyes of eyeglass wearers to the joys of fashion based optical options.

Having to wear glasses is not a burden but an opportunity to express your personal style. The fashion world has never been so intertwined in the optical industry. Designers both internationally know and independent continue to push the boundaries to create new styles to keep eyeglasses wearers building a frame wardrobe your shoe collection will envy.

In this Blog I will share my love of all things eyeglasses, fashion, beauty and travel in my life as an Optician, while being an cheerleader for independent business. I hope you enjoy my favorite things and experiences, please feel free to leave me feedback and share all your eyeglass and sunglass favorites!

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