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Eye can spot a classic

Nothing is quite as classic as black and white and for summer 2018 this classic pairing is heating up with a geometric twist.

Stripes, polka dots, and geometric patterns are making themselves seen in fashion eyewear on frames by CALVIN KLEIN, Etnia Barcelona and FACE A FACE.

This EYEstyle is one of my top 5 trends for summer 2018. Regardless of your style or age you can look perfectly chic in black and white sunglasses. On your way to the office, at the beach, a barbecue or Le Diner en blanc, there is a pair of black and white sunglasses that will elevate any look this summer.

IMG_9945I am continuously finding stand out styles that have me doing a double take in the new collection of CALVIN KLEIN Sun.  The new creative director Raf Simons, is perfectly blending all the classics that come to mind when I think of Calvin Klein. Black and white has really always been something I associate with Calvin Klein as a brand,  dating back to my first impressions of the brand in magazine ads featuring Kate Moss, and the still unforgettable picture of Marky Mark in his tighty whities. CALVIN KLEIN is re-connecting with it’s roots, while still setting trends.



These sunglasses are the prefect example. A classic aviator style, re-imagined for the fashion forward eyewear lover. Black and white striped acetate with a solid rather than cut out bridge design make up the frame front of these CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses. Allowing the patterned frame front to shine, it is cleverly supported by thin, silver metal temples, that seamlessly tie in the silver flash mirror lenses.





Clearly CALVIN KLEIN designer Raf Simons knew he was on to something brilliant by adding black and white stripes to sunglasses, because he didn’t stop at just one pair in the collection.

IMG_0041A gorgeous gold frame in a perfectly round shape, is elevated to show stopping status with black and white striped acetate around the lenses. I have long thought that black and gold is the standout classic frame color combination, but adding white to the color combo may have changed my mind. These sunglasses cannot be celebrated without taking notice of the lighter tint pink lenses.  I’ll be wearing these sunglasses for after work patio drinks or evening summer outings, because as dusk sets in I don’t have to lose my eyecessories!

IMG_0053*I have some exciting plans to modify these lenses to make them more practical and versatile in summer light conditions, I’ll be sure to share when they had their upgrades!

Etnia Barcelona knows how to set trends in fashion eyewear, while stealing my opticians heart, crafting their frames with the finest materials and attention to detail and they have two gorgeous sunglasses styles featuring stand out black and white stripes.

The “Yaletown” is a feisty cats eye shaped pair of sunglasses. The sleek black metal frame with adjustable nose pads (perfect for those that need a little help keeping frames on their noses or to keep larger sunglasses from sitting on your cheeks), has 3 dimensional cat “ears” in black and white striped Italian Mazzucchelli acetate. MEOW!






The “Woseley” is a round metal frame with a black trim around the lenses, a silver bridge and silver temples. What I can only describe as a unique “eyelid”, the frame features a striped black and white acetate overlay on the lens. Uniquely adding design and pattern without any alteration to the round shape and clean lines of the frame, giving it a timeless vintage look from afar, and a modern visual treat up close. The cool tones of the dark grey mineral glass lenses finish this one of a kind look.





The bolder glam shapes by Eyewear house FACE A FACE highlight the black and white sunglass trend in a more mod way. Designed in a vintage shape made famous by Jackie O, a deeper, rectangular cats eye and  a perfect hybrid of the two, these frames are color blocked perfectly in the two most match worthy tones in your wardrobe.



A pair of black and white sunglasses with a geometric twist will without a doubt have you standing out all summer long and they will be a go to classic in your eyeglass wardrobe for years to come.


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70’s Vibes Inspire Summer Sunglasses

It is the start of a new season, and there seemed no better location than the desert at dawn to showcase one of  summer 2018’s must try sunglass trends.

IMG_9674.jpgIn the spirit of the 1970’s, a time when individuality and expression through fashion reigned supreme and iconic trends were formed and forever etched into the style bible. For summer 2018 eyewear is trending in shapes and colors reminiscent of a throwback seventies vibe.

IMG_9679I get very excited for a new shape in eyewear, and although it’s not “new”, the comeback of a Hexagonal frame is a shape trend that is sure to make its mark in eyewear for 2019. The first few signs of the trend are creeping into sunglasses and I have a prediction that the shape will become increasingly popular for both sunglasses and eyeglasses in the year to come.

IMG_9687These hexagonal frames by Mizayke are a light metal frame that allows the strong geometric shape to shine, complete with a bridge shape that compliments rather than pull focus from the geometric outline. The sunglasses have gradient tinted lenses in a deep rich mahogany color.  Giving an ombre look that provides the perfect accent to add a layer of 70’s spirit to the frame.



This year the classic aviator shape you know and love is being reintroduced in a more angular, rectangular silhouette. Known as a navigator style, this sunglass shape is a hybrid of the classic aviator, double bridge design and a rectangular frame shape. The ‘Mitte” by Etnia Barcelona, adapts the navigator foundation adding unexpected angles to create  sunglasses that evoke a funky vintage vibe. Although the sunglasses might look a little masculine on first glance, this androgynous style can be worn by men or women.


The “Mitte” sunglasses are the first that I’ve come across that are designed for men in rose gold, a flattering color, especially against tanned summer skin.

(As an added bonus you can buy them for your man, and wear them too!)

Etnia Barcelona has created a bold double bar silhouette and added a delicate linear, engraved temple detail.  Tone on tone, translucent acetate cradles copper colored natural mineral lenses.



Lenses change the style profile of a pair of sunglasses. It’s an element that can add a personality to a basic pair of frames. Gradient tinted lens gained popularity in the 1970’s and the trend carried on through to the 1980’s. A gradient can also be referred to as a  fashion tint. This is a style of sunglass lens that is darker at the top of the lens and gradually lightens towards the bottom of the lens. From barely there sheer washes of color that can be worn indoors to a dark gradient depth for comfort in bright sunshine. Gradient lenses in shades of brown have a distinct 70’s vibe.

AWTo elevate the style factor in one of my favorite Andy Wolf frames, the “Brigitte”, I decided to take inspiration from the Andy Wolf demo lenses and add a very sheer gradient brown tint to enhance a throwback feel. I wanted these glasses to be customized to meet all my visual needs and be a design all my own. So to make these glasses perfection for inside and outside I added the light tint on a Transition Xtractive brown lenses, thus creating a fab pair of glasses or sunglasses…depending on where you see me!

I love that a pair of eyewear can be the inspirational starting point for unique outfit. You can be a chameleon and take on a totally different personality than your everyday. These 70’s inspired sunglasses would be a perfect EYEcessory for a summer music festival, road trip or backyard barbecue. A standout style look that would be perfect with a embroidered crop top, a pair of high waisted denim and a pair of boho boots.



As I danced in the desert at dawn in this adorable embroidered linen dress, boho boots and a felt rancher hat, I was definitely feeling good vibes in these throwback sunglass styles.

img_9653So whether you experienced the 70’s or just want to live vicariously through the fashions of the era, this summer is the perfect time to visit this groovy decade of eyewear.


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Spring Blush

Pink and blush tones have been sprouting up in eyewear…

1st Day of Spring (7).jpgFor spring/summer 2018 there is no doubt that the trend is in full bloom. From barely there translucent blush, to opaque pinks and rosy tones, glasses and sunglasses in soft shades are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the dark frames styles of recent seasons.

Two frames that stood out to me in perfect shades of pink this season was an eyeglass frame & co-coordinating sunglasses partner by CALVIN KLEIN eyewear. Both the glasses and sunglasses are a combination of two different acetates, one solid pink, one with a subtle linear, brushstroke pattern. The almost puzzle like quality of the acetate is set on a frame of rose gold, giving the frame an eye catching dimension.

CK Spring Cont (3).jpgCALVIN KLEIN eyewear has had somewhat of a rebirth with the arrival of new Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons. With Raf Simons leading the creative strategy for the CALVIN KLEIN brand globally, the eyewear collection has regained the brands identity celebrating classic and contemporary casual, while being a modern provocateur of what is to come.

The glam oversized, round sunglasses are thoughtfully designed, with a narrow bridge and nosepads to keep the large frame from sitting on your cheeks. While the  slightly mirrored, rose gold lenses have me enjoying the world through rose colored glasses!

CK Pink Sun (1)
I love that even the ever popular tortoise pattern is getting a spring refresh with tones of blush. The soft pink base replacing the more traditional tortoise (dark brown and medium brown muddled print), Havana tortoise (light brown and tan, often with a caramel hue) or Tokyo tortoise (amber hue and dark brown muddled print, with greater contrast between colors). Blush tortoise is flattering on all skin tones, and is particularly perfect for those fair skin tones that want a lighter look. It is still a fantastic neutral option and a perfect way to embrace the blush trend, even if you’re someone who typically doesn’t gravitate towards pink.

A good-looking frame that embraces the blush tortoise trend is the CK18107. It marries a retro silhouette and modern aesthetics. This frame is a collaboration of many hot trends in eyewear for 2018, it’s round, a thinner more minimal look and is a combination of metal and plastic, in hues of rose gold and blush tortoise. It’s perfection!


When I saw theses cotton candy pink sunnies by Derek Lam, I knew they would be the a perfect EYEcessory to go with the pattern on this jumpsuit. The “Venus” is a butterfly shape with a geometric flair, featuring the signature hole punch temple design that connects all the sunglasses in Derek Lams’ new 2018 collection. Although it’s called coral the sunglasses are much more pinky that the name would have you believe. With it’s subtle gold hinge accent and gradient grey lenses it’s a sweet choice for spring/summer 2018.

Consider blush and pink colored glasses and sunglasses a new neutral, for your next pair of spectacular spectacles as they are one of my Spring/Summer 2018 EYEstyle Trends to watch.

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All Eyes on New York

New York City has become a familiar place for me; it’s somewhere I have been lucky enough to visit each spring for the past few years. I have my favorite restaurants which I always have to revisit, my favorite neighborhoods for shopping, yet each trip I discover many new places, which sometimes happen to be on the same streets I’ve been down dozens of times before. What brings me to New York each March is Vision Expo East, and if you can only make one North American optical event per year, this is the one to attend. For me Vision Expo East is what signals the first signs of spring, a new style season and a clear view of where optical trends are going for the coming year.  The temperature might have felt more like winter, yet the sun was shining and the new eyewear styles were in full bloom.

Vision Expo was 4 days of optical education, networking events and of course the largest showcase of eyewear and accessories all in one place. As I returned for my 4th year it was my busiest yet, with so many great things to share, this might turn into a novel if I share them all, so here are my highlights from Vision Expo East 2018.

This year I had the pleasure to share my Vision Expo experience with friend, fellow blogger and all things eye enthusiast, Dr. Amanda Rights (@optomeyeslife). You know when you meet someone and just instantly click?! This was Amanda and I when we met at Transitions Academy two years ago. Meeting someone that shares my passion for the optical industry and being a serious girl boss made us fast friends.


The OWA Champagne Breakfast

Champagne for breakfast is always a good idea! As is coming together with inspirational and supportive female leaders in the optical industry. Although it was an early start, looking around the room, there was no doubt why these women are lady bosses all in their own rights. Keynote speaker Francis Cole Jones, author of “How to Wow” made me sit a little straighter, stand a little taller and leave with the know how to exude confidence in any interaction through body language and conversational cues.



This blogger and media event took us to the top floor of The Standard Hotel to get an exclusive first look at the newest Eyecessories for spring. It was really a perfect evening for an eyeglass blogger, a 360 degree view of the Manhattan skyline, set against a sky that matched my glass of rosé in hand, all while I tried on glasses and sunglasses from collections I know and some I had not seen before. I get downright giddy for cool glasses, and it wasn’t just the rosé that had me tickled pink. Frames from Kate Young for Tura and Kendall & Kylie eyewear impressed me with their style and featured frame shapes I hadn’t seen before (which is hard when you see as many glasses and sunglasses as I do!).

Coco & Breezy Showroom Grand Opening

I have had the pleasure to come to know this dynamic duo over the past couple years, as Transitions Brand Ambassadors our paths have crossed many times. It has been so inspiring to watch these ambition, driven, unstoppable young ladies make their place in the optical industry. Evolving their self named brand from sunglasses to ophthalmic frames in just a few short years. As these ladies build their empire, they have built a showroom that is as much a reflection of their style as their eyewear. It was a pleasure to be invited to celebrate the grand opening of the showroom, to see their creative space, view the sketches, feel the material samples, and of course try on the finished product.

Meeting a Real Housewife

So I am admittedly a Real Housewives of (every city) super fan. It’s my guilty pleasure and I’m not shy to admit it. So after a cup of tea and some Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday morning I was off to the Javits for my fourth day. Imagine my delight when only an hour after watching her on TV I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Cynthia Bailey herself! Showcasing her eyewear collection at Vision Expo, the fabulous Ms. Bailey was warm and kind and more beautiful in person than she is on TV.

I love that after 4 days at Vision Expo East, seeing thousands of frames, and admittedly trying on hundreds,  I have a clear outlook on eyewear trends for 2018 and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Be sure to sign up to follow the blog for my Spring/Summer 2018 EyeStyle trends forecast.


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Feeling GLOSSI


[glos-ee, glaw-see]

adjective, glossier, glossiest.

  1. Having a shiny or lustrous surface.

  2. Fabulously great looking in every way. The highest form of beauty and allure

  3. Fine, Sexy, Hot

It is often the shape of glasses that gets the most attention. What shape suits my face? What shapes are in style? The next consideration when choosing frames is typically color. And while these are important elements to consider, I feel that we often overlook the finish on a frame. The pattern or textural element that adds dimension and depth, that creates a visual intrigue far beyond the shape and color of your glasses.

I get excited when I see an unexpected finish on a pair of glasses, it can take a simple frame and elevate it to an awe inspiring one. When I saw GLOSSI frames I was taken aback by the iridescent, metallic and hologram finishes on their ultra lightweight frame designs.

When I think of frames that tout a lightweight focus I think of something that can have a smaller visual impact and a simpler design presence in order to reduce the weight, but that is far from the case with GLOSSI frames.

GLOSSI frames put their best face forward. Made from a one of a kind material, it’s strong, resilient and flexible, all while it creates the perfect canvas for imprinting GLOSSI’s unique design patterns. GLOSSI frames combine a screw-less hinge and temple attachment (not a single screw to be found on the whole frame!). With a hand-stitch binding that joins the frame-front to the temple, it is an uncommon and distinctive element that adds to the frames designs.

Beyond all the technical anomalies that come together to make GLOSSI frames desirable, my favorite thing about them is the rainbow of vivid colors and patterns that make these frames instantly recognizable.

The “Agate” frame stands out because of the holographic geometric pattern. It’s silver metallic patterns are precisely printed on a semi-translucent black frame front.  The uniqueness extends to which angle catches the light and shows off a different piece to the pattern. It never overwhelms because the pattern seems to never fully be visible, truly a hologram effect, so cool!


It’s hard to choose just one of the “Jade” frames because they are available in a rainbow of vivid iridescent colors. To me the ultraviolet frame finish sums up the brand perfectly, this frame is glossy.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTranslucent, brilliant purple tones transform perfectly into magenta, with highlights of fuchsia and a wash of gold. The thoughtfully chosen temple pattern fuses every tone together flawlessly.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe glossy bright colors of this frame inspired me to pair it with a lip color I don’t often wear, “Wonderschilde” by Kat Von D; and although I have been rocking a matte finish lip color as of late, I am quite certain I am a glossy girl now.


GLOSSI glasses take patterns to new heights by printing their geometric patterns on frames in a futuristic fashion. GLOSSI  escalates frame designs to uncharted territory by using metallic, iridescent, holographic patterns on their glasses and carrying it right over the lenses on their sunglasses. Glossi glasses are certainly worth a second look, because why wouldn’t you want to feel fabulously glossy!

Eye Style

Winter’s Gray Days

It’s been more days than I can can count of rainy, grey days and I’m over it! Just when I feel like spring is right around the corner another cold snap slaps me back to the reality of winter on the west coast.

As winter wears on all of us, my complexion is as fair as it will ever be (translation: a nicer way to say pale), as summer sun kissed skin is only a distant memory. And even though spring feels a long way away; all the gloomy days seem to be subconsciously inspiring my wardrobe, as I find myself gravitating towards grey knits and cozy faux fur day after day.


Although darker colors and layers typically dominate a winter wardrobe, those same characteristics are not in the forecast for frame trends this season. Lighter, thinner, shiny metal frames are making a style resurgence. Not to be discounted as discreet, these frames are maintaining a strong style statement and presence with larger 1970’s inspired frame styles and bolder geometric shapes. When metal frames are designed in rose gold there is no better way to brighten up your fair winter complexion. Regardless of your skin tone, rose gold gives just the hint of warmth you need, to get you through the cold winter and will be the perfect spring eyecessory.

HolidayShoot (56)The “Brigitte” rose gold frame by Andy Wolf instantly caught my attention for it’s unique shape and delicate design details. The almost triangular frame shape, perfectly set architectural bridge and intricate embossed edge trim give plenty of style through subtle details and while still keeping them very lightweight, making them so comfortable to wear.


In my option Andy Wolf  is the gold standard in uniquely designed, quality crafted independent eyewear. From design inception, often created over a meal by the founders Katharina, Andreas (Andy) and Wolfgang (Wolf) and sketched on a napkin, Andy Wolf  is disrupting the status quo in the optical industry. Handmade in Austria, Andy Wolf  features three collections with their own unique personalities, SOUL, LOVE and WHITE HEAT.  Andy Wolf glasses and sunglasses can be spotted on trendsetters and celebrities around the globe.

holidayshoot-74-e1517980592632.jpgA rose gold frame in a stylish, trendy design was typically a rare find. But since the Fall season, rose gold is making its mark in fashion eyewear. Designers such as Andy Wolf and Etnia Barcelona are taking minimal frame designs and making them showstoppers by finishing them in this feminine, complexion enhancing metal tone.


No matter if the winter weather has you feeling drab, a new pair of glasses can have you feeling fab! A pair of rose gold minimal, metal framed glasses can be just what you need to brighten your winter complexion and mood and are certainly a frame trend to watch and wear for spring 2018.



Eye Style

Eye Love To Love You

I love love. I have been blessed to have found my perfect love early in life and he has unconditionally loved me with patience and encouragement for 10 years of marriage.

My other love is glasses, and for that reason I cannot ignore one of my favorite loves on the day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day.

As an Optician, I have been lucky enough to find my niche in a profession that I love. As an Optician I have the pleasure to style people in eyewear that not only makes them see their best, but look and feel their best as well. I get so excited every time I am able to find the perfect frames for a client, something that highlights their skin tone, makes their eyes pop, balances their facial features and most importantly enhances their confidence when wearing their glasses.

My sage advice is to do what you love, surround yourself with people you love and show love to others. Even though it’s just one day, Valentine’s Day couldn’t be a better excuse to celebrate LOVE!


When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of hearts and flowers, everything in shades of red and sentimental words of love written in cute cards and when these things come together with adorable glasses I simply cannot resist!

This year just in time for Valentine’s day I fell for these lust worthy red frames by Etnia Barcelona. A new release for spring, The “Tivoli” embraces not only the theme of the season, but an eyewear trend that is sure to be front and center as a spring trend in eyewear, color blocking.

5.jpg5-TIVOLI-53O-RDFU_2These cherry red frames remind me of the lacquered outer shell of a candy apple, with a pop of hot pink, they create an unexpected color combination that works against all odds. From afar it might seem the visual interest of these frames lies in the bright color and larger oval shape.


These frames are worth closer inspection; you’ll notice the thoughtfully beveled edge details that create a gorgeous architectural element and help reflect, enhancing the bright red crystal acetate.



I found the perfect outfit to compliment a red frame in this irresistibly adorable navy tie neck blouse by RW&Co. It might look like polka dots, but look a little closer, they are actually little red lips!

And just for fun because it’s Valentines day, I had to have these gold wire rim heart shaped frames. A playful frame style, playing off the minimal metal frame designs that are beginning to make their mark in mainstream frame trends. Not for ideal for prescription lenses, they can instead be worn with faux lenses for non-prescription wearers or over contact lenses. Wearing fun frames even for non-eyeglass wearers can enhance an outfit, so up your style and eyecessorize yourself, I know it will be love at first sight!