Five Favorite Things 2017 Edition

There is no better way to find your next favorite place or “can’t live without it” item than to ask a friend, and with social media, your circle of friends just grew ten fold.

If you’re like me you ask your most well seasoned traveler friend where to vacation next, your chef friend for the best new restaurant suggestion and your fashionista friend where she got that fabulous new jacket.

This is how I have found some of my favorite beauty products, the best esthatician in town, the restaurant that makes the best deep fried pickles (my food kryptonite) and the chicest boutique hotel I never would have found.

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the eyes. Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Eyeliner.  So I am often questioned about what’s the must have summer sunglasses, what lenses should I get in my glasses and what is about to be the next must have pair of glasses to be eye-styled to perfection.

So in the spirit of a new year, a fresh start, and what will hopefully be the best year yet. I want to share five of my favorite EYEtems from 2017, in hopes that they might become some of your favorites for the new year!


I think of glasses as an essential part of every outfit I wear. An accessory, like a piece of jewelry and should be treated as such. Every Morning I get dresses and accessorEYES myself by choosing the pair of glasses that best coordinate with my outfit, or maybe I have woken up with a certain pair of glasses in mind for the day. I admittedly have two OyoBoxes at home, an aqua and a black, to compliment the rooms where they are on display. They are so pretty in their own right; the super glossy lacquer and a glass top keep my eyeglass collection on display. Designed like a jewelry box for your glasses and sunglasses, Oyoboxes are a beautiful way to store your glasses for safekeeping when you aren’t wearing them and a uniquely designed center partition, that allows you to store an assortment of frame styles and sizes perfectly.

Etnia Barcelona Glasses & Sunglasses

Out of the many frame brands that I adore I chose Etnia Barcelona because I added quite a few pairs of their glasses and sunglasses to my eyeglass wardrobe in 2017. The “Brera” frame in particular, with it’s classic aviator shape and rose gold colour works with both casual and dressy outfits. Because I paired it with Transitions XtrActive lenses in Graphite Green it adapted and offered me variety with clear, light tint and dark sunglass colored lenses, all in one frame. I can’t count how many times people stopped me in public, or reached out online to inquire who made my glasses.

The Brera in color PKRD

I am particularly enamored by Etnia Barcelona’s mineral glasses photocromatic lenses with a colored mirror coating. I added both the Miramar and the Marina to my collection this summer. Theses styles are a perfect marriage of unique pastel pattered acetate (Etnia Barcelona copyrights their acetates, so you won’t find theses acetates on frames by anyone else), set on a coordinated metal frame with a carefully selected matching mirrored lens color.

The Miramar in color PKSK

The Marina in color PKTQ

Kat Von D Eyeliner

I am admittedly someone that rarely leaves the house without makeup. I love makeup and enjoy the daily ritual of applying it. I am not afraid to try new colours and techniques and I think that eyeglass wearers have the ability to wear more makeup without looking overdone.

In my life before I was an Optician I was a makeup artist, and although my tools (medium) for enhancing peoples features and confidence might be different today I still love doing makeup, even if it’s only my own.

The one piece of makeup that I can’t live without is liquid eye liner and out of the dozen or so I have tried, my go to is Kat VonD Tattoo liner. It’s rich liquidy black, has a perfectly pointed brush tip and last through any day, no matter how long without smudging, fading or feathering. Kat VonD Tattoo liner makes it easy to get the perfect cat’s eye to compliment my cats eye frames and the clean, classic look makes my eyes pop even behind the boldest of frames.


When you love makeup, especially liquid eyeliner, like I do, it’s essential to have a great eye makeup remover to clean it all off at the end of each day. I was never able to find an eye makeup remover that didn’t sting my eyes terribly when I used it, and I often wondered why I woke up in the morning with such dry eyes. That’s why I was so excited when I heard (through fellow eyecare industry insiders) about WE LOVE EYES, an all natural, cruelty and preservative free eye makeup remover created by an eye doctor.

I have been using WE LOVE EYES for almost a year now and I cannot say enough great things about it!


It is a two part ritual on natural eyelashes;

Step 1, clean eyes with the tea tree oil, I like to put it on my clean fingertips and massage it right down into the lash line (I also like to take it right up to my brows, cleaning of my brow pencil too)

Step 2, with two pumps of the foaming cleanser, gently wash off the oil and all your eye makeup is gone, All that’s left is bright clean eyes!

During the holidays I recently got eyelash extensions (they are pretty awesome), and I know from speaking with others that wear eyelash extensions the consensus is to only use water to clean them to “extend” how long they last. This kinda horrifies me, you must clean your eyes! Lashes are a natural dust buster!

It’s a one part ritual on faux lashes; I used the WE LOVE EYES foaming cleanser everyday to clean my faux lashes and found that they actually lasted longer and looked better, because they were clean they didn’t stick together.

Betsey Johnson Eye Shoes

A girl has got to look fabulous from head to toe, and there is likely only one thing rivals my eyeglass collection, and that’s my shoe collection. Two of my favorite pairs from 2017 are by Betsey Johnson,and both feature eyes.


I consider theses Betsy Johnson “Poshh” heels my lucky shoes are great conversation starters and are just the right blend of classic, chic black pump with a playful twist.


These have been my go to when traveling and have kept my feet comfortable when covering the many miles through Vision Expo East. These classic white leather tennis shoes also the “Boom” fashion sneaker by Betsy Johnson have something special that caught my eye. Embroidered on the back of the one of the sneakers is a cute little eye that pairs with a winking eye on the other shoe! Although I am not really a sneaker girl, these are a great staple piece, that still show off my personality and love of all things eyes!

It was very hard to narrow it down to just 5 things, and my favorite things do change pretty regularly, but the reason theses things made my list is because they have been such a consistent to go item, many of them things I use daily.

I love sharing my favorite things,  so follow me on Instagram and be sure to follow the blog to keep up with my monthly frame and fashion favorites for 2018!


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  1. Just curious for the Transitions Xtraactive, how dark is the hint of tint? And does it vary btw the different hues?


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