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All Eyes on New York

New York City has become a familiar place for me; it’s somewhere I have been lucky enough to visit each spring for the past few years. I have my favorite restaurants which I always have to revisit, my favorite neighborhoods for shopping, yet each trip I discover many new places, which sometimes happen to be on the same streets I’ve been down dozens of times before. What brings me to New York each March is Vision Expo East, and if you can only make one North American optical event per year, this is the one to attend. For me Vision Expo East is what signals the first signs of spring, a new style season and a clear view of where optical trends are going for the coming year.  The temperature might have felt more like winter, yet the sun was shining and the new eyewear styles were in full bloom.

Vision Expo was 4 days of optical education, networking events and of course the largest showcase of eyewear and accessories all in one place. As I returned for my 4th year it was my busiest yet, with so many great things to share, this might turn into a novel if I share them all, so here are my highlights from Vision Expo East 2018.

This year I had the pleasure to share my Vision Expo experience with friend, fellow blogger and all things eye enthusiast, Dr. Amanda Rights (@optomeyeslife). You know when you meet someone and just instantly click?! This was Amanda and I when we met at Transitions Academy two years ago. Meeting someone that shares my passion for the optical industry and being a serious girl boss made us fast friends.


The OWA Champagne Breakfast

Champagne for breakfast is always a good idea! As is coming together with inspirational and supportive female leaders in the optical industry. Although it was an early start, looking around the room, there was no doubt why these women are lady bosses all in their own rights. Keynote speaker Francis Cole Jones, author of “How to Wow” made me sit a little straighter, stand a little taller and leave with the know how to exude confidence in any interaction through body language and conversational cues.



This blogger and media event took us to the top floor of The Standard Hotel to get an exclusive first look at the newest Eyecessories for spring. It was really a perfect evening for an eyeglass blogger, a 360 degree view of the Manhattan skyline, set against a sky that matched my glass of rosé in hand, all while I tried on glasses and sunglasses from collections I know and some I had not seen before. I get downright giddy for cool glasses, and it wasn’t just the rosé that had me tickled pink. Frames from Kate Young for Tura and Kendall & Kylie eyewear impressed me with their style and featured frame shapes I hadn’t seen before (which is hard when you see as many glasses and sunglasses as I do!).

Coco & Breezy Showroom Grand Opening

I have had the pleasure to come to know this dynamic duo over the past couple years, as Transitions Brand Ambassadors our paths have crossed many times. It has been so inspiring to watch these ambition, driven, unstoppable young ladies make their place in the optical industry. Evolving their self named brand from sunglasses to ophthalmic frames in just a few short years. As these ladies build their empire, they have built a showroom that is as much a reflection of their style as their eyewear. It was a pleasure to be invited to celebrate the grand opening of the showroom, to see their creative space, view the sketches, feel the material samples, and of course try on the finished product.

Meeting a Real Housewife

So I am admittedly a Real Housewives of (every city) super fan. It’s my guilty pleasure and I’m not shy to admit it. So after a cup of tea and some Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday morning I was off to the Javits for my fourth day. Imagine my delight when only an hour after watching her on TV I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Cynthia Bailey herself! Showcasing her eyewear collection at Vision Expo, the fabulous Ms. Bailey was warm and kind and more beautiful in person than she is on TV.

I love that after 4 days at Vision Expo East, seeing thousands of frames, and admittedly trying on hundreds,  I have a clear outlook on eyewear trends for 2018 and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

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Feeling GLOSSI


[glos-ee, glaw-see]

adjective, glossier, glossiest.

  1. Having a shiny or lustrous surface.

  2. Fabulously great looking in every way. The highest form of beauty and allure

  3. Fine, Sexy, Hot

It is often the shape of glasses that gets the most attention. What shape suits my face? What shapes are in style? The next consideration when choosing frames is typically color. And while these are important elements to consider, I feel that we often overlook the finish on a frame. The pattern or textural element that adds dimension and depth, that creates a visual intrigue far beyond the shape and color of your glasses.

I get excited when I see an unexpected finish on a pair of glasses, it can take a simple frame and elevate it to an awe inspiring one. When I saw GLOSSI frames I was taken aback by the iridescent, metallic and hologram finishes on their ultra lightweight frame designs.

When I think of frames that tout a lightweight focus I think of something that can have a smaller visual impact and a simpler design presence in order to reduce the weight, but that is far from the case with GLOSSI frames.

GLOSSI frames put their best face forward. Made from a one of a kind material, it’s strong, resilient and flexible, all while it creates the perfect canvas for imprinting GLOSSI’s unique design patterns. GLOSSI frames combine a screw-less hinge and temple attachment (not a single screw to be found on the whole frame!). With a hand-stitch binding that joins the frame-front to the temple, it is an uncommon and distinctive element that adds to the frames designs.

Beyond all the technical anomalies that come together to make GLOSSI frames desirable, my favorite thing about them is the rainbow of vivid colors and patterns that make these frames instantly recognizable.

The “Agate” frame stands out because of the holographic geometric pattern. It’s silver metallic patterns are precisely printed on a semi-translucent black frame front.  The uniqueness extends to which angle catches the light and shows off a different piece to the pattern. It never overwhelms because the pattern seems to never fully be visible, truly a hologram effect, so cool!


It’s hard to choose just one of the “Jade” frames because they are available in a rainbow of vivid iridescent colors. To me the ultraviolet frame finish sums up the brand perfectly, this frame is glossy.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTranslucent, brilliant purple tones transform perfectly into magenta, with highlights of fuchsia and a wash of gold. The thoughtfully chosen temple pattern fuses every tone together flawlessly.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe glossy bright colors of this frame inspired me to pair it with a lip color I don’t often wear, “Wonderschilde” by Kat Von D; and although I have been rocking a matte finish lip color as of late, I am quite certain I am a glossy girl now.


GLOSSI glasses take patterns to new heights by printing their geometric patterns on frames in a futuristic fashion. GLOSSI  escalates frame designs to uncharted territory by using metallic, iridescent, holographic patterns on their glasses and carrying it right over the lenses on their sunglasses. Glossi glasses are certainly worth a second look, because why wouldn’t you want to feel fabulously glossy!

Eye Style

Winter’s Gray Days

It’s been more days than I can can count of rainy, grey days and I’m over it! Just when I feel like spring is right around the corner another cold snap slaps me back to the reality of winter on the west coast.

As winter wears on all of us, my complexion is as fair as it will ever be (translation: a nicer way to say pale), as summer sun kissed skin is only a distant memory. And even though spring feels a long way away; all the gloomy days seem to be subconsciously inspiring my wardrobe, as I find myself gravitating towards grey knits and cozy faux fur day after day.


Although darker colors and layers typically dominate a winter wardrobe, those same characteristics are not in the forecast for frame trends this season. Lighter, thinner, shiny metal frames are making a style resurgence. Not to be discounted as discreet, these frames are maintaining a strong style statement and presence with larger 1970’s inspired frame styles and bolder geometric shapes. When metal frames are designed in rose gold there is no better way to brighten up your fair winter complexion. Regardless of your skin tone, rose gold gives just the hint of warmth you need, to get you through the cold winter and will be the perfect spring eyecessory.

HolidayShoot (56)The “Brigitte” rose gold frame by Andy Wolf instantly caught my attention for it’s unique shape and delicate design details. The almost triangular frame shape, perfectly set architectural bridge and intricate embossed edge trim give plenty of style through subtle details and while still keeping them very lightweight, making them so comfortable to wear.


In my option Andy Wolf  is the gold standard in uniquely designed, quality crafted independent eyewear. From design inception, often created over a meal by the founders Katharina, Andreas (Andy) and Wolfgang (Wolf) and sketched on a napkin, Andy Wolf  is disrupting the status quo in the optical industry. Handmade in Austria, Andy Wolf  features three collections with their own unique personalities, SOUL, LOVE and WHITE HEAT.  Andy Wolf glasses and sunglasses can be spotted on trendsetters and celebrities around the globe.

holidayshoot-74-e1517980592632.jpgA rose gold frame in a stylish, trendy design was typically a rare find. But since the Fall season, rose gold is making its mark in fashion eyewear. Designers such as Andy Wolf and Etnia Barcelona are taking minimal frame designs and making them showstoppers by finishing them in this feminine, complexion enhancing metal tone.


No matter if the winter weather has you feeling drab, a new pair of glasses can have you feeling fab! A pair of rose gold minimal, metal framed glasses can be just what you need to brighten your winter complexion and mood and are certainly a frame trend to watch and wear for spring 2018.