Feeling GLOSSI


[glos-ee, glaw-see]

adjective, glossier, glossiest.

  1. Having a shiny or lustrous surface.

  2. Fabulously great looking in every way. The highest form of beauty and allure

  3. Fine, Sexy, Hot

It is often the shape of glasses that gets the most attention. What shape suits my face? What shapes are in style? The next consideration when choosing frames is typically color. And while these are important elements to consider, I feel that we often overlook the finish on a frame. The pattern or textural element that adds dimension and depth, that creates a visual intrigue far beyond the shape and color of your glasses.

I get excited when I see an unexpected finish on a pair of glasses, it can take a simple frame and elevate it to an awe inspiring one. When I saw GLOSSI frames I was taken aback by the iridescent, metallic and hologram finishes on their ultra lightweight frame designs.

When I think of frames that tout a lightweight focus I think of something that can have a smaller visual impact and a simpler design presence in order to reduce the weight, but that is far from the case with GLOSSI frames.

GLOSSI frames put their best face forward. Made from a one of a kind material, it’s strong, resilient and flexible, all while it creates the perfect canvas for imprinting GLOSSI’s unique design patterns. GLOSSI frames combine a screw-less hinge and temple attachment (not a single screw to be found on the whole frame!). With a hand-stitch binding that joins the frame-front to the temple, it is an uncommon and distinctive element that adds to the frames designs.

Beyond all the technical anomalies that come together to make GLOSSI frames desirable, my favorite thing about them is the rainbow of vivid colors and patterns that make these frames instantly recognizable.

The “Agate” frame stands out because of the holographic geometric pattern. It’s silver metallic patterns are precisely printed on a semi-translucent black frame front.  The uniqueness extends to which angle catches the light and shows off a different piece to the pattern. It never overwhelms because the pattern seems to never fully be visible, truly a hologram effect, so cool!


It’s hard to choose just one of the “Jade” frames because they are available in a rainbow of vivid iridescent colors. To me the ultraviolet frame finish sums up the brand perfectly, this frame is glossy.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTranslucent, brilliant purple tones transform perfectly into magenta, with highlights of fuchsia and a wash of gold. The thoughtfully chosen temple pattern fuses every tone together flawlessly.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe glossy bright colors of this frame inspired me to pair it with a lip color I don’t often wear, “Wonderschilde” by Kat Von D; and although I have been rocking a matte finish lip color as of late, I am quite certain I am a glossy girl now.


GLOSSI glasses take patterns to new heights by printing their geometric patterns on frames in a futuristic fashion. GLOSSI  escalates frame designs to uncharted territory by using metallic, iridescent, holographic patterns on their glasses and carrying it right over the lenses on their sunglasses. Glossi glasses are certainly worth a second look, because why wouldn’t you want to feel fabulously glossy!

2 responses to “Feeling GLOSSI”

  1. Looking beautiful as always! Also, I absolutely LOVE your bookshelf styling! We just moved and now have a guest room/office that I’m currently decorating. (Instead of a tiny desk in the corner of my room.) I’m definitely taking inspo from you!


    1. Thanks Alana, it’s my favorite room in the house! My girly, creative space. If men get a “man cave” it’s only fair we get a lady room!


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