Spring Blush

Pink and blush tones have been sprouting up in eyewear…

1st Day of Spring (7).jpgFor spring/summer 2018 there is no doubt that the trend is in full bloom. From barely there translucent blush, to opaque pinks and rosy tones, glasses and sunglasses in soft shades are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the dark frames styles of recent seasons.

Two frames that stood out to me in perfect shades of pink this season was an eyeglass frame & co-coordinating sunglasses partner by CALVIN KLEIN eyewear. Both the glasses and sunglasses are a combination of two different acetates, one solid pink, one with a subtle linear, brushstroke pattern. The almost puzzle like quality of the acetate is set on a frame of rose gold, giving the frame an eye catching dimension.

CK Spring Cont (3).jpgCALVIN KLEIN eyewear has had somewhat of a rebirth with the arrival of new Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons. With Raf Simons leading the creative strategy for the CALVIN KLEIN brand globally, the eyewear collection has regained the brands identity celebrating classic and contemporary casual, while being a modern provocateur of what is to come.

The glam oversized, round sunglasses are thoughtfully designed, with a narrow bridge and nosepads to keep the large frame from sitting on your cheeks. While the  slightly mirrored, rose gold lenses have me enjoying the world through rose colored glasses!

CK Pink Sun (1)
I love that even the ever popular tortoise pattern is getting a spring refresh with tones of blush. The soft pink base replacing the more traditional tortoise (dark brown and medium brown muddled print), Havana tortoise (light brown and tan, often with a caramel hue) or Tokyo tortoise (amber hue and dark brown muddled print, with greater contrast between colors). Blush tortoise is flattering on all skin tones, and is particularly perfect for those fair skin tones that want a lighter look. It is still a fantastic neutral option and a perfect way to embrace the blush trend, even if you’re someone who typically doesn’t gravitate towards pink.

A good-looking frame that embraces the blush tortoise trend is the CK18107. It marries a retro silhouette and modern aesthetics. This frame is a collaboration of many hot trends in eyewear for 2018, it’s round, a thinner more minimal look and is a combination of metal and plastic, in hues of rose gold and blush tortoise. It’s perfection!


When I saw theses cotton candy pink sunnies by Derek Lam, I knew they would be the a perfect EYEcessory to go with the pattern on this jumpsuit. The “Venus” is a butterfly shape with a geometric flair, featuring the signature hole punch temple design that connects all the sunglasses in Derek Lams’ new 2018 collection. Although it’s called coral the sunglasses are much more pinky that the name would have you believe. With it’s subtle gold hinge accent and gradient grey lenses it’s a sweet choice for spring/summer 2018.

Consider blush and pink colored glasses and sunglasses a new neutral, for your next pair of spectacular spectacles as they are one of my Spring/Summer 2018 EYEstyle Trends to watch.

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