Transitions when travelling


A lifelong chronic over packer, only as I reflect on my last travels, one where the airline lost my suitcase, leaving me with nothing but the clothes on my back (for an trip where I would be meeting a lot of new people in my profession and making first impressions).

It forced me to ask….

What is really essential to pack? What do I have that I cannot live without? and in the same breath, What could I do without?

When you arrive at your destination, a new place, without all those meticulously planned outfits (I am fully guilty of listing each activity and layout options accordingly), plan B alternatives and beauty essentials, you have no choice but to pull yourself together and come up with a solution (or in my case a trip to Target, the only store open at 11 pm).

This experience in hindsight was a blessing. From this point forward I am a carry on kinda girl. I spent my last trip without all that baggage, literally! Let me tell you, that was liberating!

These are my essentials, the things that carried me through the first time and those I cannot (or choose not to) travel without.

Glasses with Transitions Lenses; Clear to dark the best multipurpose, situation adaptable lens. Having one pair of glasses that gives me full UV protection, the benefits and look of sunglasses is a daily must, but especially helpful when traveling. Going in and outdoors they change quickly from clear to dark to clear. There is no need to change to sunglasses and juggle two pairs. These are one of my favorite frames by Seraphin, the leopard print is a playful take on a classic tortoiseshell and the larger lens size lends itself perfectly to a sunglass look when my Transition Signature 7 graphite green lenses adjust to their dark tint.

Cross Body Bag;  The size of this Michael Kors bag is perfect and I love that the chain detail lets you dress it up for a flawless conversion from day to night.. A cross body bag keeps your hands free and all the essentials easily accessible.

Scarf or Poncho; Cozy for the flight and a lifesaver for unpredictable weather. A neutral poncho that can be used as a blanket, jacket or scarf is something I wont fly without.

Camera; Although we primarily rely on our phones to take pictures nowadays I love to travel with this Samsung NX3000 camera. It’s compact, but don’t let that fool you, it has many of the features of a much larger SLR. Removable lenses, a large screen (that flips up and rotates for selfies) and full menu of smart setting or manual options. I especially love the vintage look of the camera, that gives a a certain throwback feeling when wandering through a new location.

The common thread in my travel essentials? Items that transition for double duty, making traveling the joy it’s meant to be.



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