An Optimal Fall Facial

It could be one of Vancouver’s best kept beauty secrets. You’d never stumble across it, and you may have walked past dozens of times. But if you have been lucky enough to hear about it, usually from someone who has experienced their services, you will return, and likely become a loyal supporter.

Optaderm is a skin care clinic, with a mission to help you put your best face forward. The experience is like a hybrid of trip to the spa and a dermatologist visit. Their focus is helping you achieve your most fabulous skin, and they work with you to achieve this by first combating ones of skins greatest enemies… Stress!

My aesthetician offered a warm introduction and escorted  me to my room, where I left the world outside to fend for itself, while I shed my layers to settle into a soft white robe and nestle under cozy knit blankets. At Optaderm the rooms are without clutter, no scented candles or needless knickknacks. This serene, bare space, with only the essentials for your treatment is a subliminal indication of you are about to experience.

Today I chose to treat myself to a European facial paired with a resurfacing facial, that used a glycolic treatment, to slough off all the summer sun dryness and give me a fresh face for fall.

Once my face was thoroughly cleansed, my aesthetician preformed a skincare analysis to diagnose what level of glycolic treatment my skin would require. The cool glycolic gel was applied liberally over my face and neck, a few minutes of tingling followed. I was giddy with the thought of those dull layers of dry skin being lifted away, excited in anticipation of the results. After the glycolic gel was removed a pH neutralizer was applied to sooth and complete the peel. Next a liberal application of Replenish Facial Oil and I am on cloud 9 in a state of euphoria as my aesthetician, taps, swipes, massages my face and neck.
My face feels pumper, the ever present tension between my eyebrows has disappeared, my shoulders have relaxed and I feel weightless….I am in a state of complete euphoria.
With a soft brush and equally feather like touch my aesthetician applies a charcoal mask, to pull pore blocking impurities. Still in my cathartic state, and without much notice, my aesthetician sneaks away to leave me to relax while the mask does its work.
A soft hand on my shoulder brings me back, as warm towels remove the remaining mask and my skin takes a deep breath of fresh air. Profound Facial Serum is lightly tapped into my skin, my eyes are gently surrounded with Phenomena Eye Cream (which even increases eyelash growth), and lastly my skin is topped with Integrity Facial Cream.


After this blissful treatment my thoughts are quieter, my movements more limber and the smile on my face is nearly devious.

The cherry on top is the reflection in the mirror that is handed to me upon completion of my facial, the results leave me speechless, my skin is so voluminous, the tone and texture, even and without redness (which is usually a tall order for my sensitive skin).
With my facial treatment completed I am met with a bottle of water in the reception area, my aesthetician reviews the products she used for my treatment and recommends a regime to maintain the results of my treatment.
Usually this is the part I like least, where you’re given a laundry list of lotions and potions, all with hefty price tags. But integrity is not just the name of one of Optaderm’s facial cream. My aesthetician sent me home with samples, enough to try the home care routine for a week to 10 days to truly see how my skin responds before I commit. I am a lover of their products, they are not overly fussy, each product serves an understandable purpose and they will not break the bank.


Here are the products used in my treatment that are now part of my daily skincare routine:

Pre-Clean Make-Up Cleansing Lotion ($22/120ml) Applied to dry skin this creamy lotion removes face makeup and even waterproof eye makeup in one fell swoop.

Double Action Cleansing Lotion ($24/240ml) Use on wet or damp skin this lightly scented cleansing lotion leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, without any sensation of tightness or over drying.

Wipe Out Skin Rinse ($38.50/240ml) An exfoliating rise, with a toner like consistency, swipe over skin on a cotton pad to remove any excess dead skin, without the need to scrub.

Integrity Facial Cream ($52.50/60g) A rich consistency than absorbs quickly, perfect for day or night to keep skin hydrated, without any greasy feeling.

I cannot give enough praise to Optaderm, a small business established in Vancouver in 1987. Their mission has never faltered to offer superior products with the support of facial care services, to achieve your finest skin possible.
Once you visit Optaderm you are likely to become a lifelong lover of their services, amazing products and friendly, skilled staff.
You will have people compliment your amazing skin and will no doubt refer friends and family to this small business jewel.

*All above opinions are my own, I have been a client at Optaderm for over 5 years and all products and services are paid. This is simply my sharing a recommendation for a stand out small business.

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