A Spot on Trend

Trends in fashion go round and round, and eyewear trends are not excluded.

Round glasses are having a resurgence, not just for the artist or academic anymore, round glasses are on runways, celebrities and stylish people everywhere.

I love how this classic eyeglass shape has been modernized by combining it with color trends like black and gold and crystal acetate. As well as style accents like brow bars and mixed materials. All style elements are forecast to dominate eyeglass trends in 2017. These are my favorite stand outs.


I am currently obsessed with the color coupling of black and gold. The pairing exudes a classic elegance.  These Kio Yamato frames have paired black acetate, an inspiration from the heavy, bold plastic hipster frames that have been dominating eyewear styles and delicate gold metal from late 80’s and early 90’s eyeglasses styles to created a modern partnership. This combination frame style gives you the best of both worlds!



Modo Eyewear has paper thin, featherweight titanium frame technology down to a science, now they have raised the bar on style with theses round frames featuring a brow bar. Brow bars are no longer reserved just for the traditional aviator, this accent adds visual interest and exudes a fashion-forward image.


Although they are crystal clear, this style will not disappear. Often thought of as the invisible glasses, clear frames are one of the boldest frame style choices. Clear frames can be tricky to wear on their own, sometimes looking more like lab goggles that stylish spectacles. That’s why these paper thin acetate frames by Modo Eyewear are such a standout. The paper thin titanium frames add’s warmth and dimension to the clear, round frame.

When it comes to choosing the perfect round frame the key is try,try and try again! Although multiple frames might look to be the same shape, the size, bridge design and materials can dramatically change how a round frame looks on you.

If your eyeglass wardrobe is missing round shape, you absolutely need to add a pair! Don’t be shy, this frame shape is going to dominate for 2017.


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