Spring Sparkle

The long grey days of winter have finally given way to spring. It’s time to put away the dark winter wardrobe and switch to softer colours and lighter layers (no more tights! #freethelegs).

A spring wardrobe refresh is in order, and there is no better place to start than a fresh pair of glasses.

Pattern and texture has been a focal point in frame styles as of lately, but this season glitter was introduced as a medium in creating texture.

I feel like I’ve had a resistance to glitter since reaching adulthood, leaving it behind in my pre-teen days, when face glitter was a makeup staple… I’ve seen glitter on frames before, and it can be challenging to pull off. It often walks a fine line between fabulous and juvenile or tacky. But this spring season frame designers like Alice & Olivia, Gucci and Fysh have been using glitter with a sophisticated spin on this childlike accent. Elevating the trend to appeal to the fashionistas, rather than the five year olds.

I’ve found the standout frame styles that best feature the sparkle trend are frames that feature glitter embedded in translucent, crystal acetate. Giving it the weightless appearance of floating below the surface.


Even with my perhaps unnecessary aversion to glitter, these rose gold acetate frames by FYSH changed my mind in an instant.

The crystal clear foundation, with a solid inlay of rosy glitter is soft and sparkly without being overwhelming. It creates depth, dimension and has a highlighting effect on the skin.

FYSH frame designers didn’t just rely on the sparkle either, they choose the texture on an angular cat’s eye shape that has just the right amount of femininity.

This frame style comes in four colours, all featuring sparkles in a different patterns and colours, so no matter your skin tone there is one to compliment you.

Because nothing brightens up your complexion and your day like a little sparkle!

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