A Secret Worth Sharing

I am lucky enough to love what I do professionally. But running a small business and blogging means I rarely spend much time not thinking about glasses.

It can be hard to carve out time away from the shop, time I sometime forget is essential to refresh and reset, and most importantly time to spend quality one on one face time with my husband.

Lucky for me the stars recently aligned and I was able to get away for a week of Sun, Sand and Sea at Secrets Akumal in Tulum, Mexico. It was our first trip to Tulum and I thinks it’s the perfect combination of breathtaking scenery, tranquility and seclusion. Which leads to a perfect state of relaxation. The beach is powdery white sand, the calm turquoise waters feature stunning coral reefs, brimming with multicolored fish, stingrays and sea turtles.  Secrets Akumal has been designed with the perfect balance of traditional Mexican character with a modern contemporary interpretation. The lush tropical landscape features dozens of different plant and flora species, creating plenty of secluded spaces for relaxing.


It isn’t until I get away that I realize how much I needed a vacation! But because I am who I am and my love for all things glasses runs deep, a beach vacation is a great excuse for some new sunglasses and the opportunity to pair some new sunglasses with some tropical inspired fashion. This trip was a little spur of the moment, but I still had time to find a few new vacation wardrobe pieces. I was inspired by Mexico, choosing dresses in breezy white linen with lots of embroidery in shades of blue.

If you ask me no outfit is complete without a great pair of glasses! It’s hard for me to say if my eye-wear inspires my outfits or my outfits inspire my eye-wear, but no matter which way I look at, theses sunglasses where the focal point of my favorite vacation looks.

IMG_0689.jpgThis dress has so many special details done in such a delicate way that they come together perfectly. Gauzy linen with peekaboo shoulders and an embroidered bib, finished with little tassels make this dress perfect for dinner and dancing the night away.


I instantly fell for theses new sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona. The “Hampstead” caught my attention in an ocean of new sunglass styles released at the fall Vision Expo. Etnia has done it again and created another style that is top notch design and quality. The brow bar is thicker, showing off the natural Mazzuchelli acetate in classic tortoise, held together in a trim of polished gold.

For the most part my days were spent lounging in the sunshine, reading a good book with a coconut cocktail in hand (in a nutshell my perfect day!), so this caftan got a lot of use on this vacation and will no doubt be used on future travels.

Beach side Bar

Gauzy semi sheer fabric, billowy sleeves, high slits, a beautiful embroidered bib and a playful trim of little blue pom poms, make this caftan so much fun!

To match the light feel of this caftan I chose to pair it with MODO’s (model 666) sunglasses in their signature Paper-Thin titanium.  At just 6.8 grams and 0.6 mm thick, MODO’s Paper-Thin Titanium frame means absolute comfort, it’s so light you hardly notice it’s there (careful before you get the urge to jump in the ocean!). Although this frame is also tortoise, the darker tone of tortoise, set on an unexpected dark hunter green titanium frame. The hint of green on this frame is a great compliment to the subtle gradient polarized lenses, in grey green.



To say that our trip to Mexico was a relaxing and re-invigorating vacation would not do it justice.  The pure enjoyment I had spending lazy days in the sun and crystal sea, all while dressing up and matching new sunglasses that don’t get enough wear in my daily life. Trips like theses remind me exactly what I work for.  Now to get back to work and hunker down for another winter, all while daydreaming of the next getaway. But my eyes are always open for those unique new sunglasses, the perfect pieces to help me better enjoy sunny skies!

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